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In HIM We Built FAQ

by Daniel. Posted on May 21st, 2008
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1. Why the project?

The purpose is to provide appropriate facilities complying with the City Building Codes, for the needs of the various ministries now and for the coming 5 years in accordance with the vision and the Five-Year Plan of the church.

2. What is the objective?

At the completion of the remodeling project the church will have the following additional/renovated facilities:

  • Worship Center 2 in the South Wing of the lower level of Building 3—intended for the Mandarin Service as well as the potential second Cantonese Service which is being contemplated. This center will have double the width of the current worship center in Building 2 and can seat about 210
  • Children’s Center in the North Wing of the lower level of Building 3 with a worship hall of capacity for about 80 to 90 children, 9 classrooms and a library/resource room
  • Building 2 renovated for two centers—the Body Life Center and the Youth & Young Professional Center

3. Why Building 3 has to be remodeled before the church can use it?

The current site was originally constructed and approved by the City of Mountain View for office use. After LGCC bought the campus in 1998, the church obtained the City approval and remodeled Building 1 and 2 for church use. Building 3, which was not changed, has been housing the Pastoral Office and offices which the church rented out. In September 2007 the City’s Planning granted permission for the church to use the two wings on the lower level of Building 3 for general assembly purposes but the church has to refit the building to comply with the City’s Building Codes (e.g. fire safety, American Disability Act, etc.).

4. Why so costly?

The typical remodeling cost of such type of project is around $100 to $150 per sq. ft. A very significant portion of the cost is for the infrastructure upgrade to meet the current Building Codes. The two wings on the lower floor of Building 3, with a combined area of about 8,000 sq. ft., are expected to cost about $1,000,000 to remodel. The Remodeling/Facility Committees jointly performed a cost estimate based on the itemized work such as fire sprinklers, restroom, air conditioning duct, etc. and came to almost the same amount.

5. Is it worthwhile and timely for the church to commit this significant resource on the facilities?

In 1998 this campus was presented with more space than the church needed and more financial burden than the church would like to bear. With gratitude to our Heavenly Father’s provision through brothers and sisters’ generous offerings together with the income from the rental business the purchase was viably done. It has been the church’s plan and prayers of gratitude to fully utilize all spaces for ministries in due time. Now, it will soon be 10 years since the purchase. The church’s financials have been sound and the ministry growth is very notable in some of the areas (for example, the Mandarin and the Children Ministries) even to the extent that they outgrew or soon to outgrow the facility. It is time to build for Him with gratitude—to maximize the church’s ministry potential, to make our church the spiritual home for more, to glorify Him!

6. What is the difference between facility improvement and remodeling?

Facility Improvement addresses those activities without significant City Code implications and thus they are of much less cost and could be funded by the church’s General Fund reserve. Remodeling involves significant implications with City Codes resulting in infrastructure changes that are beyond the financial scope of the General Fund reserve. Facility Improvement activities so far carried out include the deck, Prayer Garden, Children Playground, wall removal and renovation to form the Christian Education Center and renewal of the restrooms on the upper level of Building 3. Other Facility Improvement projects to be carried out in the coming two to three years and with fund reserved are air conditioning unit replacement, building exterior wall painting, roof resurfacing and parking lot resurfacing.

7. Is there an itemized cost estimate?

Yes, an estimate was jointly performed by the Remodeling Committee and the Facility Committee. Summary:

  • Infrastructure—fire sprinklers, air condition ducting, restrooms, fire evacuation path to public street, etc.)—$370,000
  • Re-layout Building 3 1st floor—North Wing for Children Ministry, South Wing for Worship Center 2—$450,000
  • Design fees (architecture, mechanical and electrical) and permit fees $100,000
  • Building 2 renovation—Body Life Center, Youth & Young Professional Center—$100,000
  • AV system, musical instrument and furniture for Worship Center 2—$90,000

8. Why are we building the deck, the children playground and the Prayer Garden?

The improvement of the courtyard including the deck, the children playground and the prayer garden is part of the plan to maximize the use of facilities for the various ministries and to make the church more welcoming and usable to brothers and sisters of all ages. This is done by reclaiming areas in the campus which otherwise are just non-usable, unsightly bushes. For example, the deck converts 4,000 sq. ft. of such area into a flat, safe-to-all-ages, multi-purpose outdoor area enhancing the outlook and usability of the courtyard.

9. Why did we proceed with all these improvement/remodeling activities before the fund is raised?

So far all the improvement activities that the Deacon Board planned and executed are what being referred to as Facility Improvements (see Point 8 above) which the General Fund and can cover without the need of other funding. In fact, the church’s operating surplus in 2007 is enough to cover all the costs incurred by the Facility Improvements in 2007. Quite differently is the Remodeling Project which has a price tag much beyond what could be disbursed from the General Fund reserve. Therefore, the Remodeling Project, pending for fundraising, has not been carried out except the engagement of an architect to design the layout and develop the construction drawings so that the church can evaluate various options and size the cost of remodeling.

10. Should we not build the deck, the children playground and the Prayer Garden and use the money for remodeling?

The total cost of the courtyard improvement projects is a very small percentage compared to that for the remodeling. Even if the church does not perform the courtyard improvement, it does not change the need of having to fundraising in order to do the remodeling.

11. What is the plan for the case that we cannot raise sufficient fund for the remodeling?

This year, 2008, is the 35th anniversary of LGCC. Through out these 35 years the Lord has been providing abundantly. Starting with the founding brothers and sisters when they did bible studies and worships at home, to the renting of the Masonic Temple to the purchase of the site at College Avenue, to the church planting in the South Bay, to the purchase of the current campus and to the challenge of the refinancing, the Lord provided. In Him we trust. In Him and for Him we build.

12. Can I designate my donation to a specific congregation or ministry?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for the church to execute that type of designation because the bulk of the remodeling involves facilities and facility infrastructure that are common to all.

13. Why LGCC stops renting out offices?

Since the downturn of the commercial property market at around year 2001 and 2002, the rental revenue downward pressure has been increasing for the church’s type of offices forcing the church to charge at a rental rate that is losing money. Taking back the rental spaces for church use and getting out of the rental business allow the church to be a fully non-profit business entity without having to pay property tax (around $36,000 per year) and eliminate the property management fee and commission (about $10,000 per year).

14. Why are we raising fund again after three short years?

The last fundraising was to re-financing the property mortgage. This time it is for enhancing the church’s facilities to meet the current as well as the coming needs of the various ministries.

15. When will the projects be completed?

The church is aiming at September 2009 to complete the Remodeling Project. The Facility Improvement Projects will be spread out for 2 to 3 years and some are on-going.

16. How can we participate?

It is most important that we pray for unity and the joining of our hearts in this very important undertakings—fundraising, facility improvements, remodeling, brothers and sisters working together in Him to make good use of the facilities, and maximize the effectiveness of the ministries to glorify Him. Let us also pray and respond such that each brother and sister participates in supporting the fundraising and in serving in the ministries to build in Him!

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