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by admin. Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009
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  1. Alex Wong (Elijah) says:

    The bible study quiz is such a joyful and cherishable memory for me! Big thanks to Pastor Jim, Kenneth, and the many brothers and sisters for bringing us such this home-feeling moment in the overheated Californian Saturday afternoon! =)

  2. Wanchi (Elijah) says:

    Thank you for organizing the bilbe quiz this year! It was a lot of fun! 🙂 The bible quiz helped us gain a greater appreciation for the wisdom of the bible, and taught us how to apply the bible’s teaching in our daily lives. It also motivated us to seek a deeper understanding and a more in-depth study of the scriptures. In addition, in preparing for this bible quiz, our bros & sis from our cell group achieved greater unity, love and support for each other through our “divide and conquer” strategy, i.e. we each listened to a number of past sermons and studied selected bible passages, then we shared and discussed them with the rest of the cell group. PTL for this invigorating exercise! As a by-product of the bible quiz, Elijah has started a Elijah prayer meeting each week before our weekly fellowship, during which we pray for LGCC’s and Elijah’s ministries. Praise the Lord for these additional opportunities to grow in Him!

    One suggestion for future bible quiz: we might consider incorporating more interactive activities that will generate interest for bros & sis of all age groups/different fellowships, i.e. charades, “pictionary” and skits, in addition to the question-and-answer format.

  3. Mandy Wong says:

    Looking at all the excitement and fun while learning the Bible. Wish I was there.

  4. Ernest Lo (Elijah) says:

    這次「神兵出鞘」不但令我對雅各書、猶大書等留下更深刻的印象(個人比較善忘… 😛 ) ,亦大大提高了自己對有深度的查經的興趣。小組成員在複習聖經書卷及講道時那份認真的態度及熱烈的討論 (大家從封面 Grant 的表情應可得個大概… 😉 ),更是令我回味無窮!

    此外,比賽過程中與其他小組的互動,除增進了彼此之間的友誼和交通,亦令我感受到 LGCC 這家的溫暖。正所謂:「回家的感覺真好」。期待與各位弟兄姊妹在主的家裡一起成長,並再次感謝 Pastor JiM, Kenneth, Joanna 以及一眾工作人員的努力!:D

  5. Jackie Jung (Elim) says:

    This is a very re-freshing experience in my tenure at LGCC. It is great to see many brothers and sisters got motivated to study the bible and appreciate the effort from Pastor Jim and co-workers that make this event successful. Personally, I’ve learnt a lot and appreciate the need of in-depth bible study that Pastor Jim is instilling into our hearts. Kenneth and I enjoyed the morning devotion/bible study/sermon listening time in preparation for the event during our short summer vacation in Carmel. The combination of nice scenary, relaxing atmosphere, and the depth of God’s words bring me such a warm feeling and taste of God’s grace to me.


  6. Victor Fong says:

    At first I thought it was just another gimmick from Pastor Jim to get us to review the sermons and read the bible more, and it turned out to be the case too!

    However, during the course preparing for the bible quiz, I realized how lacking I was in remembering the bible verses and sermon teachings. I guess I didn’t know what I don’t know until I was tested.

    On the other hand, it was great to meet with brothers and sister from different cell groups / fellowships at various life stages. There’s always something we can learn from each other – how to interact with different people, how to care and love for each other, etc.

    Thanks to those made it happened, and next year I will make electronics buzzers for the event.

  7. 島 (Noah's Ark) says:

    In preparation of this event, brothers and sisters from Noah’s Ark held a study session the night before. Each of us was responsible for presenting and writing up summaries for the sermons and scriptures assigned previously. It was encouraging to see that everyone in Noah’s Ark participated and contributed. A lot of the brothers and sisters attended the study session and it was fun to study the bible in the church library together. I definitely think that this has helped the brothers and sisters to learn the sermons and scriptures better.

    While competing with other fellowships and cell groups was fun, it may help brothers and sisters to get to know other members outside of their own fellowships and cell groups better, if the groups competing are consisted of members from different fellowships and cell groups. It may be something that we can try to do next year.

    Another suggestion I have is about the type of questions asked. I agree that it is fun to have some trivia questions (e.g. about the movies and pastors’ own experience that was mentioned in the sermons). However, those are probably not the most important takeaways from the sermons and therefore we should not focus too much in these types of questions.

    It would be nice if we had the time to play “big TV”. (Some of us played the “big TV” questions Pastor Jim has prepared on a Friday night and it was fun!) And as some brothers and sisters have suggested, non Q-and-A activities would be fun to have and can help to gauge interest of more brothers and sisters!

    Thanks everyone who has helped to make this event possible! It was nice to see that the whole Cantonese congregation can get together to have some fun and learn the Word of God at the same time. 🙂

  8. Michelle (Noah's Ark) says:

    This is a fun bonding experience. It does not only make us to revisit the sermons, but it also makes the group tighter and closer. It reminds me to grow my spirituality and not forgetting my Chinese as well. HA!

    Our group was so serious about this to a point that I found it’s funny in certain extent. We seriously came up with strategies for the game day like football coaches (just missing the water cooler and the headset).

    Please bring back the Big TV. 😀 And maybe give us more time to write in Chinese too…

  9. Agatha says:

    Beautiful smiles, serious learning, great teamwork, awesome game … in a happy family 😀 I wish I were there to share the joy this summer!!

  10. Margaret Lau says:

    An event that was full of energy, laughing, and excitement! Impressed by the teamwork effort, and bonding among group members. Also, that day was very hot. It was nice to sit in the AC filled sanctuary.

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