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YAMP 2010 Ski-Rest Sharing

by admin. Posted on Mar 12th, 2010
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感謝神賜平安與我們Young Adult Ministry Planning (YAMP) 於 3/6-7/2010 在Jenness Park & Dodge Ridge Ski Site舉行的 Ski-Rest 退修營。如各位參加者對今次退修營有任何意見、感受或屬靈上的領悟,歡迎在此與主恩基督教會的弟兄姊妹分享(中、英文皆可)。請緊記於你的分享中寫下你的名字所屬小組名稱

你所分享的內容需經Web Master刊登,所以務請弟兄姊妹在分享之後稍等一陣子,你的分享將會盡快被刊出。


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  1. L Wong says:

    Well organized and very well run. Great for everyone to know others from difference cell groups.

    Once again to remind us God is awesome, everything is in His control and nothing is impossible in Him.

    Full of activities and not so much rested. More quiet or devotional time could be wonderful.

    by Louis Wong (GP)

  2. Grant Liu says:

    The trip was a wonderful experience for me. I had the chance to know people from different cell groups and I really enjoyed having hotpot with nearly 40 people Saturday night. On Sunday, I did not go to ski and had some quality time to rest and do devotion.
    The ski-rest may be better if it is 3-day instead of 2-day, so that people who go to ski can also have enough time to rest.

    by Grant Liu (Elijah)

  3. Danny Lean(Noah's Ark) says:

    Lovely scenery, awesome campus, friendly atmosphere and most important of all, it was a really really FUN experience!

    by Danny Lean (Noah’s Ark)

  4. John Tam (Abundance) says:

    It is indeed a very well organized trip. I really enjoyed meeting new friends and brothers and sisters in other cell groups. The hot pot evening with 40 people together was awesome! Lots of varieties of food and lots of fun conversations! I enjoyed the personal devotion time earlier in the afternoon in nature ( although its a bit cold outside ), The worship and ice breaking games are great. Packed with activities and lots of fun. The car ride is also a highlight because of the conversations.

    Another thing I like is that Dodge Ridge is easy to get to and the place is nice.

    Jenness Park is ok, but its unpaved road is a little lowlight of the trip.

    by John Tam (Abundance)

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