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Recap: 神兵出鞘2聖經問答比賽

by admin. Posted on Aug 22nd, 2010

2010 Cantonese Bible Quiz is done.  We thank all the participants for their hard work in studying God’s Word and it is our prayer that, such event can help Christians to appreciate God’s Word more, and to Walk the Word in our lives in order to glorify our one true God. please share with us your comment/suggestion/feeling/encouragement…etc. below. Please put down your name and your...


by admin. Posted on Aug 19th, 2010

As of today, Thur., 8/19/2010, we have 6 groups participating the Bible Quiz.  A total of 113 Adults and 42 kids registered for the group dinner.  Please read the attached Bible Quiz Rules for your preparation:  Bible Quiz Rules-2010 Have Fun on Sat. for God’s Word!! =)


by admin. Posted on Aug 13th, 2010

親愛的弟兄姊妹,挑戰自己做個「愛神話語的人」(約翰壹書2:5),熟讀約翰壹書來接受挑戰吧!為了幫助粵語堂內老、中、青的弟兄姊妹加深認識聖經的教導,粵語堂將於8月21日,星期六,下午4:00在大堂舉行「神兵出鞘2聖經問答比賽」 活動。比賽內容將圍繞過去於2009年及2010年1月至6月所有的「約翰壹書證道」及「約翰壹書小組查經」內容。 本活動旨在讓粵語堂的弟兄姊妹不分年紀的,彼此在輕鬆有趣的環境下增加溝通,一同在遊戲中學習,加深對神的話的認識,以致信徒能更加珍惜聖經的教導、確實活出神的話語。 活動完成後將於下午6:30於草地一同聚餐,讓不同團契、小組的弟兄姊妹能多加彼此認識,增進粵語堂各肢體間的溝通、促進主內和諧。請各團契/小組預留時間踴躍參加。 作好準備,重溫聖經來打一場漂亮的仗(問答比賽)...
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