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Recap: 神兵出鞘2聖經問答比賽

by admin. Posted on Aug 22nd, 2010
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2010 Cantonese Bible Quiz is done.  We thank all the participants for their hard work in studying God’s Word and it is our prayer that, such event can help Christians to appreciate God’s Word more, and to Walk the Word in our lives in order to glorify our one true God.

please share with us your comment/suggestion/feeling/encouragement…etc. below. Please put down your name and your belonged cell group in your comment.  Your comment will appear on the post after webmaster’s format editting.  Thanks for telling us your comment, so that we can improve our service to our Lord. 

Come back and check on this post because Pictures/videos of the event will be posted here soon.

“Event Q&A”: please click on the following links to review questions and answers of the event:

2010 Bible Quiz-Must-by Kaho JiM & 2010 Bible Quiz-Jeopardy-by Kaho JiM

“Event Pictures”: please click on the following picture to access the album.


“Big TV” Videos:



Noah’s Ark:





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  1. b ma says:

    今次的問題進步了﹐更著重真正的重點﹐所以更能鼓勵我們(下次)認真地複習講道和查經資料 🙂 跨組比賽不但幫助每個小組同心溫書﹐也是讓不同小組聚在一起互相認識的好機會。不過﹐下次或者可以換個玩法不用預備太辛苦啊? 例如淨玩大電視? 🙂

    Brenda Ma from Noah’s Ark

  2. William says:

    Praise the lord that we have pastor jim and other brother/sister putting so much effort so that we all have fun and chance to review what we have learned. It was a very successful and enjoyable event.
    After two years, I think its too much of a burden for pastor jim to be in charge again for next year. For obvious reason :), maybe elijah could help out while pastor jim could be an advisor?
    Thank you.
    In his grace,

    William from unity (the above is my personal opinion and does not represent that of unity)

  3. Francis says:

    I would request to post those questions and answers so that people can still benefit from it after the quiz.

    Francis from Elim

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot for the bible quiz. Also, thanks a lot for the all the hardwork and dedications from the brothers and sisters who support this activity.

    Throughtout the reviewing process, I learn more about the sermons. Especially, I have to listen to the sermon again, again and again and take down the notes. This is a good exercise to remember the key points in the sermon. Also, this is a good reminder for me to apply the messages to the daily life.

    With respect to the format, I enjoy 六國大戰 and 大電視. For next year, I’d love to have 神兵出鞘 2011.

    Mike Chow from Unity

  5. Mike Chow says:

    Thanks a lot for all the hardwork and dedications from brothers and sisters who support this activity. I really enjoy the time on Saturday and it is a lot of fun.

    Personally, this is a very good exercise for me to review the sermons. Especially I have to listen to the sermons again, again and again. and to ensure that I have taken down the notes. Also, it is a good reminder for me about the applications of the sermons in my daily life.

    Overall, I really enjoy 神兵出鞘2. Looking forward to 神兵出鞘 2011.

    Mike Chow from Unity

  6. Grant says:


    Grant from Elijah

  7. Ernest says:

    This Bible Quiz definitely raised my awareness of many important teachings in the Bible that I would otherwise forget right after the sermons.

    I second the suggestion of putting up the Bible Quiz questions and answers here so that brothers and sisters could revise again some important concepts of interest. Those funny questions may be skipped though. =P

    Thanks so much for the efforts from all the brothers and sisters who were dedicated to making this event an enjoyable and successful one. Thanks God for giving us a warm family @ LGCC!

    Ernest from Elijah

  8. Wanchi says:

    It was really fun just to watch the contest as a member of the audience! I enjoyed revisiting some of the sermons from the past year during the preparation for the contest, which helped reinforce many important messages from the Bible. I look forward to next year’s Bible Quiz! =)

    Wanchi from Elijah

  9. Robert says:

    Thank you our dear pastors for the labor to feed us with God’s words and then putting together this fun game for us.

    Like many brothers and sisters, I enjoyed it much. The game is not only exciting but also a good test of our understanding of His words. The review before the quiz really helps me refresh my memory of the biblical lessons from the sermons and provokes me to reflect how I do spiritually.

    I also second the idea of putting the questions and answers here. Maybe it can encourage more discussions and sharing among us here.

    Look forward to more fun (and better performance) next year =)

    Robert from Abundance

  10. Carinna from Elijah says:

    Appreciate the effort made by every church members of LGCC,especially Paster Jim. This is a fun and meaningful activity. It’s a fruitful learning experience even being an audience.

  11. Daniel Poon says:

    Thanks Pastor Jim, you’re awesome! Thanks for the great effort so that we could enjoy such an event

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