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11/6/2010 Expository Bible Study Seminar is now done.

by admin. Posted on Nov 6th, 2010
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We have around 90 Cantonese brothers and sisters attending the Expository Bible Study Seminar on 11/6/2010.  Praise the Lord for the happening of this event and thank God for bringing brothers and sisters here to learn God’s Word together.  May all of us be encouraged by the seminar and moved by the Holy Spirit to vow to have life change because of God’s teaching in the Bible for the glory of God.

Please click on the following picture to view the photo album of the event.

Please share your comment below and let us know what you have learned from this seminar which will impact your personal Bible study life for the glory of God. Please put down your name and your belonged cell group in your comment.  Your comment will appear on the post after webmaster’s format editting.  Thanks for telling us your comment, so that we can improve our service to our Lord. 

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  1. Pastor Jim says:

    thank you to all of those who helped assembling the rear projection screens, setting up equipments, ordering dinner, taking care of the children programs and coordinating the event. Without brohters and sisters’ help, the seminar would not be able to happen. co-serving together as one Team in Christ is an honor and priviledge, thanks for all of your support. and thank God for bringing the participants here to learn His Word.

  2. Ben Sit (Freedom) says:

    It is not just a lecture but a workshop. It was a “seminary kind” of training in bible study systematically. The teacher, Pastor Jim, presented the materials concisely and clearly and the teaching aid (the left and right big screens/white boards) showed the materials orderly. I would surely regret to miss it if I did not attend it.

  3. Wanchi (from Elijah fellowship) says:

    Many thanks to LGCC and all bros & sis for putting together such a helpful bible study seminar. This 4+ hr bible study seminar taught me how to study the bible more fruitfully and properly. I used have a hard time deciphering the messages and meanings behind bible verses, and would get discouraged & overwhelmed by the sheer amount of history and information that I needed to learn before studying and understanding the bible verses. I was also concerned about not interpreting God’s message correctly in each bible verse. In short, I was a little lost and confused when it came to studying the bible on my own.

    After learning the basic expository bible-study techniques from this workshop, I have more confidence in putting bible verses into context, organizing my thoughts in analyzing a passage, putting all the details together and seeing both the “big picture” and the “main point” of a particular bible passage. I now have much more appreciation for the richness and wisdom of the bible.

    Last but not least, this bible study seminar showed us how fun and enjoyable bible study can be. =) Now I find studying bible passages to be a fun and challenging learning experience, instead of being a “chore” or “duty.”

  4. It is a very good workshop to bring us back on focusing Bible study. I enjoy the explanation of why we need to study Bible seriously in fellowship. It is a urgent call for brothers and sisters in fellowship to regain the burning desire of understanding God’s word. By the way, it is not just understanding. We should walk the talk too.

  5. Alston Lam (Freedom) says:

    Thanks Pastor Jim and other brothers and sisters who helped in organizing this workshop. It was very practical and interesting. I enjoyed it very much and beyond my expectation. The only thing was not enough time to cover all the materials that Pastor Jim has prepared.

  6. Simon Ip (Freedom) says:

    A four-hours seminar seem very long, but it slipped away as we all trying to grab every “byte” of it – thrilling!. It was impressive not only the presentation and the delivery, but the solid material as well. It is not totally a new thing, but all that we have known, but forgotten, were well packaged in a methodological way, even a layman can follow – Kudos! How much did I get from it? Usually, I’m satisfy if I can learn one thing or two from any seminar I have attended. This time, I have more than one thing or two, and the rest is for me to fill it up. The seminar has finished, but B&S, our works have just begin.

    Again, it was a four-hours seminar, but Pastor JiM had it in his everlasting to-do list years ago. Not sure how many hours he had put in the presentation, but it -is- totally worth it!

    Something to share… I thought it was a wishful thinking to make two 6×6 ft rear projector screens when Pastor JiM approached me the idea in the beginning. I have tried hard to “tweak” his idea one way or the other, and to shake it off from his head, or at least navigate him to do a *normal* presentation, obviously he was a stubborn person with a strong faith. Even we didn’t have any detail drawings, in fact, not even a draft, which I was totally unexpected from a person with sound architectural background, but surely It made the project more fun as every drills, screws, nails were a “do-or-die” situation. Another thing surprised me was his accountability about the expense. It was not how much (or how less) it was, but how each dollar and cent should be spent the way it should be.

    Thank you God, Pastor JiM and Irene (for keep pounding the head !). It was a good day!

  7. Mike Chow (Unity) says:

    Thanks a lot for the Expository Bible Study Seminar. I learn a lot throughtout the 2 sessions. Especially, the second session of the discussion, you gave a examples. I like it very much. I am glad that I stay until the end and listen to the answer to all your exercises.

    For those brothers and sisters who put time and effort in setting up the 2 big screens, I would like to say thanks. It enhance our learning experience.

    Again, it is a great seminar.


  8. Michelle L (Noah's Ark) says:

    I really enjoy the group exercise we did at the end because we could practice what we learned from the workshop immediately! Too bad we had to rush some of the answers due to time constraint.

    The seminar introduces me to some appropriate reference books~ That’s really useful because I do not know where to start in getting the right tool.

    Although we are given a quick overview of the Expository Bible Study method in each pre-study session, the seminar explains further how this method works!

    The seminar also reminds me the importance of prayer and Holy Spirit in bible study. Often we assume that a good bible study leader = one with LOTS of knowledge about the Bible. Preparation is important. But we always forget that Holy Spirit helps us in understanding God’s Word. I was glad that I got this important reminder 🙂

  9. Robert Pang (Abundance) says:

    It was a very informative workshop indeed. It really teaches us a lot of principles and skills to study God’s words for what He says and to avoid the pitfalls of reading the passages out-of-context. The E.T.H. tool is really a great way to approach a passage to understand its original meaning so that we will not taint it with the contemporary mis-perceptions. With that, exegesis isn’t as hard as it looks.

    I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice more!

  10. Kitty Cheng (Better Half) says:

    Praise the Lord! The Expository Bible Study Seminar is very informative. Thanks to Pastor Jim, who is a great teacher. He made it fun and enjoyable for this four + hour seminar. The material is very clearly explained and I have learned a lot from it. Thanks to the team assembling the rear projection screens, setting things up and made the seminar a real success. I love the group exercises so we can immediately practice what we learn. I am looking forward to more workshops like this one 🙂
    Would you please do this again in the English Congregation? I think there is a lot of material to go through that it would be better to have an extra hour so that we don’t need to rush through the last session. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  11. Connie Cheung (Rock) says:

    The bible study workshop was way above and beyond my expectation. Thanks Pastor Jim and all the brothers and sisters who made it happen! The seminar was a good reminder for me to never be sloppy about studying God’s Word — seemingly straightforward passages could get misinterpreted if we were not careful. While I still have a lot to learn, I am inspired to study God’s Word as what He meant it to be. Praise the Lord for the guidance He gave us through the very useful and practical session!

  12. John Tam (Abundance) says:

    The workshop is good. The ETH is really the fundamental principle upon which other techniques such as inductive bible study can be used. Without ETH we can overlook the most important point theme of the passage.

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