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Medical Cancer Care workshop

by admin. Posted on Feb 24th, 2011
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Medical Cancer Care workshop

LGCC March 11, Friday 7:30 PM

Cancer is not an automatic death sentence.  In fact, many types of cancer, with early detection and treatment, are known to have high cure rate.  Nonetheless, facing cancer could be devastating—the anticipation of the worst that could happen, the side effects of the treatments, the emotional and physical burden to the family as well as to the patient.  While some people may avoid talking about cancer, it is important to those involved to know that they do not have to walk a lonely path and to those who have the gift of caring to take heart that they could mean “angels from God” to people facing the devastating challenge.

To help bring awareness on cancer caring the following topics will be covered in the meeting:

Childe care will be provided. Language used is Cantonese.

  • Cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment – Dr. Julia Chan
  • Sharing by cancer patients
  • Sharing by Herald Cancer Care volunteers
  • Q&A
  • Message on the power of the Gospel – Pastor Poon


主恩基督教會  三月十一日 星期五 晚上七時三十分

癌症雖是可怕的病症,能加以預防當然最好, 就是生病後若能及早診斷和醫治,不少病患者亦可完全康復  。我們對癌症不需只存懼怕,而是要慎重去處理。癌症病患者經歴不少身體和心靈上的痛楚與掙扎,需要家人親友同心的關懷和護理。讓我們成為他們身邊的天使,在這孤單的路上給予支持,安慰與鼓勵。


  • 癌症講座 (陳梁聖兒醫生)- 預防,診斷和醫治
  • 癌友心聲分享
  • 角聲癌症關懷義工分享
  • 問與答
  • 福音的醫治與盼望 ( 潘牧師)


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