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Sunday Worship Schedule

- 9:30am - English ( Sanctuary )

- 9:30am - Mandarin (Chapel @ Building 2)

- 9:30am - Children (Children's Center @ Building 3)

- 11:00am - Cantonese (Sanctuary)

Note: Nursery service is provided.

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Caring for Elderly Parent

by admin. Posted on Jul 28th, 2011

The English congregation is starting a new ministry called LGCare.   It is a ministry to help our church members to share practical wisdom on elderly care and healthy aging, and to find mutual support during this journey of aging. Many of us are taking care of our aging parents, and are struggling to do the right things to show our love and support for them. This ministry will provide an opportunity to...

8/20 Christian Parenting Meeting

by admin. Posted on Jul 28th, 2011

    The quarterly Christian Parenting meeting will be held on August 20, 2011 (Saturday) from 3:00pm to 6:30pm at the new chapel.          This is a longer meeting than usual because we want to cover a very important topic for most parents – how to teach our children manage their money. The speaker David Briggs tells us in his DVD that most young working adults can enjoy financial...


by admin. Posted on Jul 21st, 2011

要兩星期大假到海外短宣但老闆卻不放人?缺乏雙份資金與伴侶一同參加海外短宣而不能成行?想傳福音卻苦無訓練裝備?想同人講福音卻害怕單拖上陣沒戰友? 不用怕,神已為你預備好一切解決以上問題的辦法—就是參加「基督教角聲佈道團」北加州分會在8月23至28日(星期二至日)所舉行的「第五屆傳福音體驗週」(粵語)。 本傳福音體驗訓練包括: 上午為靈修及佈道訓練,課程有:「佈道基本功及如何引入福音內容」、「福音工具運用」、「主題式得救見證」、「陪談須知及跟進須知」、「如何在教會招待、接觸和跟進新朋友」。 下午為「外展佈道實習」和「分享及福音難題解答」。 本屆並增設進深課程:「經文佈道法」及「佈道組長訓練」。 本屆訓練更在三藩市及屋崙市兩個地點同時舉行,方便於灣區不同地區居住的信徒參加。如欲查詢詳情及報名,請參閱網址:http://www.cchcsf.org/stm2011   主恩基督教會的弟兄姊妹,如你有心志參加這短宣體驗週,請儘快與詹傳道聯絡,以作安排,多謝合作。 另外,在8月27日晚上7時至9時,「基督教角聲佈道團」更會在三藩市金巴崙長老會舉辦一場「不一樣的天地」佈道會,歡迎邀約朋友參加。

8/6/2011 聖經與考古:是敵是友?

by admin. Posted on Jul 7th, 2011

This Cantonese workshop will discuss the topic: “How should we deal with archaeology and the Bible?” The speaker, Mr. Timotheus Mui who recently graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary will talk about what archaeology can do—in what ways archaeology can help to understand the Bible and stimulate faith; and cannot do—the limitations of archaeology in discovering truth.  This workshop...
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