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8/6/2011 聖經與考古:是敵是友?

by admin. Posted on Jul 7th, 2011
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This Cantonese workshop will discuss the topic: “How should we deal with archaeology and the Bible?”

The speaker, Mr. Timotheus Mui who recently graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary will talk about what archaeology can do—in what ways archaeology can help to understand the Bible and stimulate faith; and cannot do—the limitations of archaeology in discovering truth.  This workshop aims to help people to have a balanced perspective and prepare them to have proper reactions to the news concerning secularists’ use of archaeology in discrediting the bible, and on the other hand, Christians who claim to prove the Bible through present exciting biblical discoveries in archaeology. 

Please feel free to invite your friends to join us in this workshop on 8/6/2011, Sat., from 4:00-6:30p.m. at Chapel of Lord’s Grace Christian Church.  Nursery service and children program will be provided during the workshop.

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