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2014 LGCC Bible Conference (Apr. 4-5): “Sharing Christ Creatively”「創意傳神」

by admin. Posted on Feb 15th, 2014
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本會將於4月4日至5日舉行「創意傳神」專題講座,由Dallas Theological Seminary 的 Prof. Don Regier 教授主講。3堂講座;第一堂講座將於4月4日(週五)舉行,其餘兩節講座於4月5日(週六)舉行。

LGCC 2014 Bible Conference (Apr. 4-5):  “Sharing Christ Creatively” with speaker: Prof. Don Regier from Dallas Theological Seminary. 

Speaker: Prof. Donald Regier [Associate Professor Emeritus of Christian Education, Adjunct Professor in Media Arts and Worship, Director of Special Projects in Media and Communications (Part-time)]

As a youth, Don Regier was fascinated with picture stories. He never guessed that God would bless him with a long career in visual communication at Dallas Theological Seminary. Don and his wife Jan enjoyed rearing four children so much that they started a second family with two orphans . . . from China. 

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Lessons From Cars (4/4/14, Fri. 8-10p.m.)**

Could a 1967 Mustang illustrate the Bible? When we open our eyes and ears, we discover biblical truth all around us, even in the things we love.

 Chosen Child (4/5/14, Sat. 3:30-4:45p.m.)** children prog. available

When our family adopted two Chinese orphans, we recognized that not only did we enlarge our family, but we began to live out a wonderful biblical doctrine: the doctrine of adoption. We enter God’s family through adoption, by responding in faith to His sovereign choice.

 Prodigal Pig Tale (4/5/14, Sat. 5-6:30p.m.)** children prog. available

Uncle Don will tell you a story from his interactive e-book, Prodigal Pig Tale. When Cunningham McSwine talks about leaving home to find fame and fortune, he gets some sage advice from a ragged, hungry boy who works on the pig farm.

 ** Friday and Saturday sessions will be conducted in English Only.


 Panorama (4/6/14, Sun. Eng.+Mand. Combined Worship & Cant. Worship)

The Bible is not a collage of unrelated stories. It’s a panorama, one continuous story from cover to cover. In the greatest story ever told we can see forever.

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