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2015 LGCC Retreat (May 29th-31st): After God’s Own Heart 合神的心


Our church’s annual retreat will be held on 5/29-31/2015 at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. Our retreat speakers are Rev. Don Ferris for the English Congregation, and Dr. Leung Ka Lun for the Cantonese and Mandarin congregations. The retreat theme is “After God’s own heart”.  Registration 3/1- 4/26 (early bird discount ends 4/12). Please register early to get your housing choice. It is first come, first serve, as there is limited availability at each housing category. Please contact: LGCCretreat@lordsgrace.org [1] if you have any question.

2015全教會退修會將於5月29日至 31日 在 Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center 舉行。中文部的講員為梁家麟博士,英文部的講員為 Rev. Don Ferris,主題「合神的心」。報名日期 3/1-4/26  ( 4/12 之前報名有優惠) 。Mount Hermon 有不同的住房,請弟兄姐妹盡早報名以獲取您的住房選擇,有關詳情請電郵 LGCCretreat@lordsgrace.org [1].


Please register online at: www.lordsgrace.org/lgccretreat2015 [2]

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