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LGCC Parenting Conference 2015 主恩基督教會夫婦舉辦子女教講座

主恩基督教會將于8月22号下午1:00-6:30,邀請資深的教育孝家Pam and Bill Farrel 夫婦舉辦子女教講座:“父母能做的最好决定:怎样建立一个得胜的家庭团隊”。Pam and Bill 是愛与智慧机构(www.love-Wise.com )的創辦人,著有教育子女及婚姻相全的書籍多达四十本,他們的三个孩子也各自建立了敬虔愛主的家庭。講座報名費用每人$10,一對夫婦$15,教会提供免費儿童節目。講座結束后有晚餐,每人$5,六歲以下小孩免費。現已開始接受報名,名額有限。

The Parenting Conference ” Best Decisions a parent can Make: How to Build a Winning Family Team” given by Pam and Bill Farrel is now opened for registration. Registration stations available outside sanctuary & chapel every Sunday. Conference will be held on August 22, Saturday afternoon 1:00- 6:30pm. Pam and Bill are directors of www.love-wise.com, authors of 40 books. Their three children have become leaders who love and serve God and established godly families of their own. Registration fee is $10 per person, or $15 per couple. Children program available for age 3 to 11. Optional dinner will be served afterwards for $5 per person (free for children under 6 years old).

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