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Sunday Worship Schedule

- 9:30am - English ( Sanctuary )

- 9:30am - Mandarin (Chapel @ Building 2)

- 9:30am - Children (Children's Center @ Building 3)

- 11:00am - Cantonese (Sanctuary)

Note: Nursery service is provided.

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Contact Us 聯絡我們

Contact Us 聯絡我們

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Lord’s Grace Christian Church – 主恩基督教會

Address and Office Hours

1101 San Antonio Road,

Mountain View, CA 94043

Telephone (電話): (650) 623-0917

Fax (傳真): (844) 519-3857

Contact (聯絡): “office” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Internet (網址): http://www.lordsgrace.org

Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and Sunday

辦公時間: 星期二至五,上午九時至下午六時 ,星期天


Rev. David Poon (Senior Pastor)

潘國華牧師 (主任牧師)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x111

Email (電郵): “dpoon” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Rev. Patrick Auyeung (Executive Pastor)

歐陽貫宗牧師 (執行牧師)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x109

Email (電郵): “pauyeung” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Rev. Phillip Hsu (Mandarin Ministry)

徐佳音牧師 (普通話事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x114

Email (電郵): “phsu” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Rev. John Pan (Mandarin Ministry)

潘晓明牧師 (普通話事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x102

Email (電郵): “jpan” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Rev. Brian Leong (English Ministry)

梁子仁牧師 (英語事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x112

Email (電郵): “bleong” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Minister David Huang (English Ministry)

David Huang傳道 (英語事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x104

Email (電郵): “dhuang” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Rev. Alex Lam (Cantonese Ministry)

林頌文牧師 (粵語事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x105

Email (電郵): “alam” @ “lordsgrace.org”

  Minister Tammy Yang (Children’s Ministries)

楊張秀英傳道 (兒童事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x113

Email (電郵): ”tyang” @ “lordsgrace.org”


Craig Ing (Youth Ministry)

袁帝強 (青少年事工)

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x115

Email (電郵): ”cing” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Facilities Department


Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x107

Email (電郵):”facility” @ “lordsgrace.org”

Accounting Department


Office Hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x106

Email (電郵):”accountant” @ “lordsgrace.org”

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    Lord's Grace Christian Church (C) 2001-2018. Address: 1101 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, CA 94043.