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Our Beliefs 教會信仰- Lord's Grace Christian Church – 主恩基督教會

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Sunday Worship Schedule

- 9:30am - English ( Sanctuary )

- 9:30am - Mandarin (Chapel @ Building 2)

- 9:30am - Children (Children's Center @ Building 3)

- 11:00am - Cantonese (Sanctuary)

Note: Nursery service is provided.

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Our Beliefs 教會信仰

Our Beliefs 教會信仰

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1. 全部新舊約聖經是由聖靈之默示而來,顯明神對人類唯一全備之旨意,乃基督徒信仰與行為的神聖準則。

2. 神乃萬物之創造主,無限完全之唯一真神,聖父、聖子、聖靈,三而為一。同位、同權、同榮,永世無疆。


4. 聖靈是三一神之第三位。為要榮耀主耶穌基督,在今世使人知罪,令悔改的罪人重生,在信徒心中居住、引領、指導、潔淨和加力。

5. 人原是照神之形像而造,後因悖逆而墮落。身靈皆需經受死亡之痛苦。人的罪性,與生俱來,並與神的生命隔絕。只有籍主耶穌救贖之功方能得救、凡接受主者皆因主寶血稱義,皆由聖靈重生,成為神之兒女。

6. 聖靈充滿乃神對一切信徒之旨意。使信徒藉之成為聖潔,與罪惡及世俗隔離。完全順服神旨。渡奉獻及服事之生活。凡接受者皆由聖靈重生,成為神之兒女。

7. 教會是由一些相信耶穌基督之人所組成,皆已被十架寶血所潔淨,並由聖靈重生。基督為教會的頭,教會負有主所託付之使命廣傳福音,直至地極。所有信徒都應加入地方教會。地方教會乃信主基督之人組成,為要敬拜神,在真道上建立信徒。為要祈禱、團契、傳福音以及施行浸禮和聖餐。

8. 耶穌基督必帶著榮耀之身體復臨乃信徒之盼望,及激勵信徒追求成聖生活和忠心事奉。

9. 惡人與義人之身體皆將復活,義人復活進入永福,惡人復活受審判進入永刑。

Statement of Faith

1. The Old and New Testament, inerrant as originally given, were verbally inspired by God; they are the only and complete revelation of His will for the salvation of people. They constitute the divine and sovereign rule of Christian faith and practice.

2. There is one God, the Creator of all things, infinitely perfect, eternally existing in three persons of one substance, power, and glory: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, is true God and true man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He died upon the cross, the just for the unjust, as a substitutionary sacrifice. He rose from the dead according to the Scriptures, and is now at the right hand of the Majesty on high as our great High Priest. He will come again to establish His kingdom of righteousness and peace.

4. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity. His ministry is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and during this age to convict man of sin, regenerate the repentant sinner, to indwell, guide, instruct, sanctify and empower the believer.

5. Man was originally created in the image and likeness of God; he fell through disobedience, incurring thereby both physical and spiritual death. Man is born with a sinful nature and is separated from the life of God. He can be saved only through the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood, born again through the Holy Spirit and become children of God.

6. It is the will of God that each believer be filled with the Holy Spirit and be sanctified, separated from sin and the world and fully dedicated to the will of God, thereby receiving power for holy living and effective service.

7. The Church consists of all those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, are redeemed through His blood, and are born again of the Holy Spirit. Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church, which has been commissioned by Him to go into all the world as a witness, preaching the Gospel to all nations. All believers should belong to a local church. The local church is a body of believers in Christ who are joined together for the worship of God, for edification through the Word of God, for prayer, fellowship, the proclamation of the gospel, and observance of the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

8. The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent, and will be personal and visible. This is the believer’s blessed hope and incentive to holy living and faithful service.

9. There shall be a bodily resurrection of the believers and of the nonbelievers: for the former, a resurrection unto life; for the latter, a resurrection unto judgment.

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