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English Pastor Leong 英語事工牧師- Lord's Grace Christian Church – 主恩基督教會

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Sunday Worship Schedule

- 9:30am - English ( Sanctuary )

- 9:30am - Mandarin (Chapel @ Building 2)

- 9:30am - Children (Children's Center @ Building 3)

- 11:00am - Cantonese (Sanctuary)

Note: Nursery service is provided.

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English Pastor Leong 英語事工牧師

English Pastor Leong 英語事工牧師

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Rev. Brian Leong was born and raised in Oakland, CA. He became a Christian during high school and committed his life to the Lord while growing up at First Covenant Church in Oakland. He was called to full-time ministry during his college years. Rev.Brian received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from University of California at Berkeley (U.C. Berkeley).  God has given Rev. Brian great enthusiasm in preaching God’s Word to the unchurched overseas.  This burden led him to seek theological training from Fuller Theological Seminary where he began studying Cross Cultural Ministry in the School of Missions. But God had other plans and Pastor Brian saw an even greater need in the Chinese churches in the U.S. and switched his goals toward pastoral ministry.  He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree (M. Div.).

Rev. Brian spent two years living and teaching in China after college. Later, he returned to the States and, while completing his coursework at Fuller, served as the Director of Educational Services Exchange—China (ESEC) in Los Angeles and the Summer Program Director for Educational Resources and Referrals—China in Berkeley, CA. Lord’s Grace Christian Church welcomed Rev. Brian onboard to the Pastoral Team in 2006. He is now overseeing the English Young Adult and Youth Ministry with a passion in seeing God’s people growing in an intimate relationship with the Lord. He is also the department head of LGCC’s Missions and Evangelism Departments, leading missions trips, contributing his spiritual gift and experience from overseas missions and evangelism. His passion is to see LGCC become a pillar of the Mountain View community.

Rev. Brian and Sylvia have two children, B.J. and Samantha. He loves spending time with his family, cooking for as many people as he can, sitting in coffee shops and bookstores reading and has fun introducing his kids to his favorite pro sports teams here in the Bay Area.

CSA Hometown Hero Spotlight

梁子仁牧師是在加州屋崙市出生和長大。他在中學時代成為基督徒,在屋崙的First Covenant Church成長時委身於主,更在大學時期領受全時間事奉的呼召。梁牧師在加州柏克萊大學(U.C. Berkeley)取得英文文學士學位(B.A. English)。神給予梁牧師一顆熱切的心去向海外未有教會的地方傳講神的話,這個負擔促使他前往福樂神學院(Fuller Theological Seminary) 進修, 在宣教學院主修跨文化事工。然而,神另有安排使梁傳道看見美國華人教會的更大的需要,感動梁牧師轉移目標到教牧學課程上,最後取得福樂神學院的道學碩士學位(M. Div.) 。

大學畢業之後,梁子仁牧師用了兩年時間在中國生活和教學。其後回美,在福樂神學院進修時,先後出任羅省美中教育服務機構(ESEC)主任和柏克萊對華教育服務中心(ERRC) 暑期課程主任。主恩基督教會於2006年歡迎他加入教牧團隊。現在梁牧師負責英文部青年和青少年事工,致力使神的子民與神建立更親密的關係。他也是宣教佈道部部長,發揮他的屬靈恩賜和海外宣教佈道的經驗帶領宣教行程。他熱切期望主恩基督教會能成為山景城社區的支柱。

梁子仁牧師和Sylvia育有兩名子女, B.J. 和Samantha。他喜愛家庭聚會、為大夥兒下廚、在咖啡店和書局看書,並興緻勃勃地介紹他的孩子們去認識他鍾愛的灣區職業球隊。


Contact Pastor Leong 聯絡梁子仁牧師

Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x112

Email (電郵): “bleong” @ “lordsgrace.org”

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