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Senior Pastor 主任牧師

Senior Pastor 主任牧師

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潘國華牧師出生及長大於香港並在幼年時接受耶穌基督為個人救主。自1974年到加拿大進修後,他先後於1978年取得沙省省立大學理學士學位(B.S. Mathematics),及於1981年獲加拿大神學院道學碩士學位(M. Div.)。在1981年5月至1990年11月期間,潘牧師曾分別於渥太華及京士頓之華人宣道會中事奉,並於1990年12月至2003年3月出任卡城華人宣道會主任牧師。潘牧師在卡城事奉期間於1996年在加拿大神學院取得教牧學博士學位(D. Min.),主修婚姻家庭。




Rev. Dr. David Poon was born in Hong Kong and was converted to Christianity during his childhood. He went to Canada for his tertiary study at University of Saskatchewan. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Advanced Degree) in 1978, Pastor Poon pursued his theological study at Canadian Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity (M. Div.) in 1981 with awards.

He started his pastoral ministry as the first assistant pastor in Ottawa Chinese Alliance Church, Ontario (1981-1984) and then became solo pastor of Kingston Chinese Alliance Church (1984-1990). He subsequently was called to be the Senior Pastor of Calgary Chinese Alliance Church (1990-2003). Amidst his busy church service, Pastor Poon finished his Doctor of Ministry degree (D. Min.) with an emphasis in family ministry at Canadian Theological Seminary in 1996.

In 2003, Pastor Poon responded to God’s calling to minister at Lord’s Grace Christian Church as Senior Pastor. Pastor Poon continues to lead LGCC to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) in the Bay Area by overseeing different ministries, training up lay leaders and building up the young pastoral team members. His passion for building up godly parents and young Christians led Pastor Poon to publish three books entitled “The Salvation and New Life,” “Disciples in Action,” and “Conversation of Family Matters,” plus numerous articles on a variety of topics.

Pastor Poon has been married to Mrs. Catherine Poon since July of 1979. From that happy union, God has given them 2 daughters, Hannah and Eunice. Pastor Poon enjoys jogging, reading and writing.

Pastor Poon has extensive experience in parachurch ministries including being the Vice Chairman of the Board of Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelization (Canada), and a Board member of Chinese Christian Mission (Canada), the Board Chairman of China Alliance Press (Canada) during his ministry in Canada. He is the former President of Chinese Christian Ministerial Prayer Fellowship of Bay Area, a current Board Member of San Francisco Bay Area Chinese Bible Conference and the Regional Committee Chairman of the Alliance Bible Seminary (U.S.) Coordination Center.

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Tel (電話): (650) 623-0917 x111

Email (電郵): “dpoon” @ “lordsgrace.org”

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